SpinetiX digital signage media players and software

Why customers choose Spinetix

  • Sleep better knowing your system is not subject to PC reliability issues
  • No maintenance or recurring license fees, the finance department loves it
  • Open Standards mean, the IT department can manage and integrate the HMP devices in to the existing network technology
  • Amaze the Marketing department by saying 'Yes' to all their communication initiatives
  • Co-workers will adore you for choosing the greenest media player available today

SpinetiX manufactures the original HMP Hyper Media PlayerTM devices, a complete product portfolio for digital signage. All our award winning HMP models offer:

  • A robust, compact and professional design
  • The lowest power consumption available
  • High quality decoding of multi-media content
  • Common connectivity and configuration interface
  • Support for any screen size, aspect ratio, resolution or orientation
  • Simplicity in network connectivity
  • Native support of industry standards to simplify integration
  • Product life-time warranty

Discover more product features by exploring the model of your choice or learn under Solutions how our products are the perfect fit for any digital signage application large or small.